Ecole Maître Crêpier, Pizzaïolo et Cuisinier

Welcome to the EMC²: Ecole Maitre Crepier, Pizzaïolo et Cuisinier

Culinary school specialized in professional Crêperie cuisine teaching since 1989.

Buckwheat galette. One of the many derivate recipes studied at the EMC²

History of the School

Following the request of professional workers in Crêperie restaurants in 1988, the Ecole Maître Crêpier was created by the Celbert Group (Association of Moulin de l’Ouest - A.M.O. Ouest), miller at Maure-de-Bretagne, in association and with the backup of Bertrand Denis, Chef de Travaux at the Institut de Formation de la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie (C.C.I.) of Rennes.

The school opens in September 1989 and trains more than sixty interns right from the first year.

In 1992 the school managed in association, transforms its legal status into a Société Anonyme (S.A.).

In 1996, the school gives birth to the Ecole Maître Pizzaïolo.

Pizzaïolo training at Rennes, Ecole Maitre Crêpier, Cuisinier & Pizzaïolo

Since May 2013, the Ecole Maître Crêpier & Cuisinier moved in Rennes into new modern premises– based at the heart of the Centre Culinaire Contemporain. It allowed the school to benefit from bigger facilities, perfectly furnished and equipped to offer the different trainings mentioned below and to benefit from a cluster between several companies linked with our trainings, the catering sector and the food industry.

The current team is composed of 8 employees.


Field of Activity and Trainings

The Ecole Maître Crêpier et Cuisinier is a private training center. It offers different trainings linked to the catering sector adressed to professionals and private individuals:

    • Professionals from the catering industry: professional skills development linked to Crêperie and Pizza restaurants management
    • Additional vocational trainings: addressed to professionals and beginners: Saladerie, Waffles, Fresh Pasta
    • Private individuals: the school also organizes the weekly “Samedi Gourmands”. They are one-day “gourmands” workshops for all    the people willing to be initiated to the delight of “Crêperie” or “Pizzeria” cooking.
Salty waffle recipe from the Ecole Maître Crêpier et Cuisinier "Waffles" course

Our Interns

Our interns are people with different social backgrounds and projects working in the catering sector or experimenting professional transitions: executives - employees- business owners – private individuals.

They come from France (90%) and foreign countries (10%).

Average age: 43 years old.

Examples of professional projects: working in seasonal jobs – moving abroad with a specific know-how – finding a job - becoming Crêperie or pizzaiolo worker – opening a restaurant or a “food-truck – achieving new skills – widening the menu cards of their restaurant - proposing a healthy fast food service in their facility (Restaurant or Bar)…

All the courses of the Ecole Maître Crêpier are given by professional instructors(resumes are available on request). They can take place either within our facility or directly in your company where we can offer you customized trainings.